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It's actually a "Herstory."


Kickstarter Communications has been a long time in the making. It was founded by Diane Boulanger, an advertising industry veteran (warrior, really) who has weathered the ups-and-downs of economic turn-falls, dramatic industry changes, paradigm shifts and a variety of other life-, work- and world-circumstances that no one can ever quite predict. Before launching Kickstarter, she worked for large advertising agencies, was the president of a mid-sized agency for almost a decade, has gone "corporate" as a marketing director, and done myriad freelance projects (many of them pro-bono), then "semi-retired" altogether. Until she got a spark again.

Although she has worked with a lot of large enterprises, the clients that have ignited the most passion have always been the small, entrepreneurial startups. There's something about the combination of excitement, fear, exhaustion, exhilaration (and so many other emotions) that fuel in her a desire to help.


And, maybe it's a sign of the times, but she began to be approached for her help by an increasing number of small, startup businesses. So, she came out of "semi-retirement" fired-up with the same feelings of excitement, fear, exhaustion, exhilaration (and so many other emotions)...but decided to do it differently this time around, with a completely different and straightforward business model. Kickstarter Communications is the culmination.

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