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For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.


Kickstarter Communications started as a freelance business that worked with small businesses and sole-proprietorships to help get them off the ground. Although each business, product or service was different, there were common needs for some "starter" branding and marketing materials that would just help them look polished and professional.


Some of them had tried the "do-it-yourself" approach, but ended up frustrated because they were spending too much time trying to learn new design software or online tools, and not enough time focused on their businesses. And/or, they enlisted the help of a neighbor's kid who is "good with computers." In most cases, they weren't happy with the results and needed something that looked, felt and sounded more "professional."

This got us thinking: what if we could create "starter packages" for these services, for other entrepreneurs who have the same needs, but don't quite know where to start? What if we could we make the process of branding a new business painless, predictable and cost-effective? What if we could provide customized, but standardized, sets of marketing materials and services to help small businesses kick start their sales efforts?

And Kickstarter Communications was born.

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