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Do you have a big new business idea on a start-up budget? Or a small business that you want to grow bigger? Need help getting it off the drawing board?

Get your brand off the drawing board.

business cards for entrepreneurs
Marketing & Advertising for Entrepreneurs


Kickstarter Communications specializes in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners like you to help you build your custom, unique brand identity, core messaging and marketing materials. And we do it quickly, so we can have you up-and-running with the things that you need to start selling now.

Fixed pricing. No surprises.

Unlike most marketing agencies, our pricing model is very straightforward. We have preset pricing, including package pricing, so that you can choose the services you need, know exactly what you're getting, and how much it's going to cost.

small business branding and advertising plan
Branding a small business
Everything You Need to Market Your Business


Our services are turnkey, and cover just about every aspect of marketing. You can choose from one of our packages, like our popular Kickstarter Package, or select from "a la carte" services to meet your particular need.

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